Entertainment Lists

I like to keep a running list of the movies I've seen and books I've read for the first time in a year, even if I don't blog about them all. I also like to keep track of which bands I've seen.

So, I figured, I might as well do it here.

Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me
Boogie Nights
It Follows
Craig Ferguson: I'm Here to Help
In the Land of Women
La La Land*
Mamma Mia
Bloodsucking Bastards
This is the End
The Edge of Seventeen
No Men Beyond This Point
Hell or High Water
The Departed
The Accountant
Get Out*
The Collector
Hacksaw Ridge
Beauty and the Beast*
Rouge One: A Star Wars Story
Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark
Midnight Special 
10 Cloverfield Lane
Varsity Blues

Bad Kid by David Crabb
Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick
The Circle by Dave Eggers

Concerts and Theater
Mamma Mia!
Outlaws & Legends Music Fest (Kevin Fowler, Cody Johnson, Jesse Raub Jr., Zane Williams, Mark Chestnut)

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