Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Show up. Dive in. Stay at it."


I just finished reading Bad Kid by David Crabb, one of the books I picked up at the Texas Book Festival. I had never heard of it prior to that weekend, when I went to a panel Crabb spoke at ("Growing Up Gay in Texas"), was insanely charmed and made a beeline for the book tent. It was extremely funny and also managed to make me cry at the end -- three cheers for books that make you feel all the things.

Now reading: Scrappy Little Nobody by my celeb BFF, Anna Kendrick.

I've been watching Bones from the beginning, committed to my habit of getting super into a show as it's ending/after it's already over. It's such a good little show -- silly most of the time, serious some of the time, with a cast of well-written, lovable characters and a will they/won't they romance that's making me crazy even though I know they, in fact, will.

Listening to my Spotify Weekly and Release Radar playlists on the regular. Also frequently on repeat: "Parakeeter" -- KAYE; "Glory Days" -- Betty Who; "American Woman" -- Muddy Magnolias; "Werk" -- Faarrow; "Soy Yo" -- Bomba Estéro; "Fuqboi" -- Hey Violet.

Can you tell I made my sister a "Bad Bitches: Vol. 2" mix CD for Christmas?

I keep talking myself out of buying a compact of Too Faced's "Papa Don't Peach" blush. My resolve will probably not last much longer.

Finally, I've spent the past 12 hours or so reflecting on President Obama's farewell address. I don't care what your politics are (that's not true, I totally do, but whatever), you have to admit one thing: this man can give a speech. To me, the standout (besides the entire part POTUS was talking to FLOTUS, I'm not crying, you're crying) was this line:

"Show up. Dive in. Stay at it."

Brb, hoping to do just that every day, forever.

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