Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Love is like the angry sea

Happy March!

I'm excited that it's March because I have a life-long beef with January and February. As months, they've never really wronged me any more than any other months, but there's just something about the pressure of a new year, Valentine's Day and the (usually) icy and cold weather than gets me down.

Granted, this February, it was like, 75ยบ most of the time -- hey, global warming! You terrify me, but thanks for letting me wear dresses in the winter! -- but I'm still not sad to see spring officially get sprung, you know?

Plus, March gets me closer to both 1) the family vacation to the coast I'm going on in April and 2) seeing Metallica (!) with my dad in June. Three cheers for breaks.

Here's what I've been into lately:

  • Over the past week, I've watched four movies I'd never seen for the first time, which always makes me feel productive even though I'm literally just sitting on the couch. I watched No Men Beyond This Point in a fit of righteous indignation, so it made me feel better at the time, but overall it was kind-of meh. If you're thinking of watching Arrival, skip it. It's not awful, but there are way better space movies out there. If you want something similar, but better, check out Contact (1997)! Don't skip Hell or High Water though! In addition to featuring Chris Pine's face (always a plus), it's a slow-simmering look at family, the working class and what it can be like out here in West Texas. It wasn't actually filmed here, but it felt like it took place right in my backyard.

         The other film I watched was The Departed, which I enjoyed, despite my half-hearted and    
         unwarranted attempts not to. Somewhere, my "Films of Scorsese" professor is really glad I 
         finally did some of my classwork.
  • Still reading Armada, and I'm pretty into it. It's extreme sci-fi geekery, just like Ready Player One, but they're actually not too similar, which means I can enjoy them both. I'm also re-reading RPO (out-loud, to my dad, because that's a thing I do -- #IAmCute) and it's actually helping rather than hurting my attempts at respecting them as their own thing.
  • Here's my Spotify playlist for February! This go-around, it's full of R&B throwbacks, including at least one Prince song -- but please know I saved a good chunk of his catalog as soon as it went live because FINALLY. Also hi, Biased Friend Sales Pitch/former Austinite tagline: listen to my friends' band! They released their EP today and it's really good and I'm not just saying that, I promise.
  • New makeup obsession: Urban Decay "Vice" lipstick. It's always a miracle for me to find a stick lipstick that actually stays on all day and I'm impressed with this line so far! So far, I've bought two: "Oblivion" and "Hex."

Spare thoughts:
  • I was like...weirdly affected by Bill Paxton dying? I haven't seen very many of his films, but Twister was the first film I ever saw in theaters, so I had a whole moment~ about how there has, effectively, never been a time I was aware of movies without also being aware of Bill Paxton. Idk, man -- life is super weird.
  • And everything's not rosy right now for me personally -- but I'm trying to focus on the good. It's always hard for me (I'm a "realist" by nature, which is just an obnoxious way of saying I'm pessimistic), but I'm hustling. Everything passes eventually!

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