Saturday, April 8, 2017

Lovin' you ain't easy, but I'm not gonna leave you

Say it with me, y'all: Two. Weeks. Until. Vacation.

I don't take proper vacations very often -- usually just weekend trips to Austin or something like that. But my family and I are headed to the Texas Coast later this month, and I am stoked about the idea of genuinely doing nothing, but in a new location. I can't wait to not check my email once for an entire week and only look at social media when I'm posting pictures of my various obnoxious drinks and ocean sunsets.

It does, unfortunately, mean I need to go bathing suit shopping very soon, so good vibes are appreciated.

Anyway, lately:

  • Last weekend, I went to a Texas country festival called Outlaws & Legends, which was a fun deviation from the norm. I always enjoy live music, and "Texas country" is truly a genre all its own that, for the most part, celebrates the admirable qualities of country music and leaves behind the less-than-honorable stuff. I danced, drank too much and got a sunburn -- so overall, I checked most of the festival requirement boxes.
  • Since I last posted, I finally saw Get Out which honestly, at this point, I shouldn't even have to tell you to see. It was phenomenal. Don't miss it -- and if you still can, catch it in a theater.
  • Still reading Armada. I don't dislike it, but I'm definitely enjoying it less than I was, and I'm having a tough time making myself read it. Time will tell if I actually knock it out before vacation begins, when I've got a whole stack of other things I'm looking forward to reading. (The rundown: The Circle, My Best Friend's Exorcism, Girls on Fire; maybe Brat Pack America, if I tear through the rest).
  • Just finished watching Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. It is brutal, but well-handled. It's a meditation on sexism and misogyny, loneliness and complacency. Watch it if you're already considering doing so, but know it won't be easy. 
  • Here's March's Spotify playlist! You'll find Computer Games, Hayley Kiyoko and You Me at Six heavily featured.

Keep on keepin' on through April!

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